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"I don't know who is having more fun with this book--my four year old grandson or his father who has a Ph.D. in Physics!"                    teacher, Calabasas, CA

      In SPLISH SPLASH, a collection of water poems, I celebrate the many forms that water can take, from ice cubes and icicles to waves and waterfalls, by using shape itself--concrete poetry.  It gives children a chance to have fun with words, shapes, and ideas--to discover that poetry is all around them.  I wrote all of the poems in shapes and then talented artist Steve Scott created a bold and colorful environment for each poem.  Have a water-wonderful time with "Ice Cubes," "Snow," "River," "Crocodile Tears," "Shower," and many more!  For a "Popsicle" that will never melt print out my "Popsicle" poem bookmarks on your favorite flavor of cardstock.  Laminate them if you like.  Teachers can print out the master and run off word treats for their whole class--enjoy! 

      Here is more information about SPLISH SPLASH, poems by Joan Bransfield Graham, illustrated by Steve Scott, Houghton Mifflin,  ISBN:  0-395-70128-7, hardcover; ISBN:  0-618-11123-9, paperback.

  SPLISH SPLASH has received many honors, including

P 71 Top Books of the Century (Nonfiction), Instructor Magazine

PA School Library Journal Best Book of the Year

PA NCTE Notable Trade Book in the Language Arts

PA Children's Book of the Year, Child Study Children's Book Committee at Bank Street College

PNew York Public Library "100 Titles for Reading and Sharing"

PGreat Stone Face Book Award Nominee, New Hampshire

PA Kansas State Reading Circle Selection

P"Children's Books Mean Business," ABA-CBC Exhibit

PCalifornia Collection '97, '98, '99, & 2000

PExcellent 1994 Trade Books K-9, Marilyn Carpenter

& Many of the poems from Splish Splash are starting to appear in textbooks from kindergarten through college. &  

  "I'm giving this book to my daughter as a college graduation present. She's graduating with a degree in Marine Biology and marrying a boat captain--it will be perfect!"                                                                                  mother, Temecula, CA

  Reviewers Say:

  "Whether describing water in such natural states as clouds, in such fanciful forms as crocodile tears, or in such artificially harnessed forms as a shower ("A shower is a private cloud/ it is a special place/ where I can make it rain so hard/ in such a little space"), Graham and Scott team to create a wonderful collection of concrete poetry that is easily as refreshing as a spring rain                    PBooklist, starred review

" 21 clever poems about water burble and dance across the pages of this vivid volume . . . A delightful blend of visual and verbal fun."          

Publishers Weekly

 "A colorful collection of poems about water and the particular ways children may come in contact with it . . . cries to be read aloud . . . a fun and useful purchase."                                         PSLJ, starred review

 "A set of wonderfully evocative rhymes about water:  as steam, as ice, in waves and waterfalls, in oceans and ice cubes.  Graham uses simple phrases and images, displaying both a fine ear and a lively imagination, inviting readers to enjoy the sound of the words as well as their sense:  "Snow is made of crystal laces/ full of frost and empty spaces/ how can stringing holes together/ pile up into so much weather?" . . . An outstanding collaboration between poet and visual artist."               Kirkus

 "Imaginative . . . appealing and entertaining."           Boston Globe

 "sparkling . . . fascinating for young AND older readers, and invites aspiring writers to experiment with their own poetry"                                                                                                           Children's Book Review Services

 "delightful . . . demonstrates the magical qualities of water as well as language"                                                                          Advisory List

 "flamboyant . . . don't miss . . . science teachers will smile . . ."                                                                                                            Instructor